2020 (and 2021). A time that has brought us together, no matter where we come from. Where did it all start? How did it evolve? In which point do we find ourselves in? We have gathered the key moments from throughout the pandemic, both from Romania, as well as globally. Slide down to see our COVID-19 timeline.

January 24

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 99.169.295. Number of deaths: 2.130.099.

December 26

The vaccination campaign officially started in Romania.

December 25

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 79.311.023. Number of deaths: 1.743.003.

December 15

13.968 deaths in Romania.

December 9

Canada health regulator approves Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

December 8

The highest number of casualties caused by the virus in 24 hours: 213 deaths.

November 30

11.331 deaths in Romania.

November 25

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 59.307.493. Number of deaths: 1.397.672.

November 9

Pfizer/BionNTech Vaccine: Preliminary efficacy data published – found to be 90% effective.

November 7

The Ministry of National Education has distributed only 64.270 tablets, of a total of 250.000 promised. Anisie announces that students will no longer take their theses in the 2020–2021 school year, which will be replaced by a summative evaluation.

October 31

6968 deaths in Romania.

October 26

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 42.758.015. Number of deaths: 1.151.323.

October 11

The youngest victim dies at just 4 years old.

October 2

Trump says he and first lady tested positive for coronavirus.

September 30

4825 deaths in Romania.

September 26

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 32.289.042. Number of deaths: 984.040.

September 1

Protective mask, mandatory in open public spaces from now on.

August 27

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 23.928.539. Number of deaths: 819.181.

August 4

A study conducted by World Vision Romania between 10 May and 27 June shows that approximately 40% of students in rural areas did not participate in online courses and only 64% of teachers organized such courses.

July 31

2343 deaths in Romania.

July 30

3621 deaths in Romania.

July 28

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 16.249.165. Number of deaths: 649.208.

July 10

WHO experts to visit China to plan COVID-19 investigation.

June 30

1651 deaths in Romania.

June 27

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 9.581.803. Number of deaths: 489.182.

June 1

US sends Brazil malaria drug unproven for COVID-19 treatment.

May 30

1266 deaths in Romania.

May 28

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 5.616.933. Number of deaths: 353.427.

May 4

Anisie states that approximately 250,000 students do not have access to technology and thus cannot attend online courses.

April 30

717 deaths in Romania.

April 27

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 2.870.644. Number of deaths: 203.350.

April 21

The first doctor dies. A 62 year old man, head of staff at the County Hospital in Constanța.

April 15

China didn’t warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days.

April 7

The Minister of Education says that the Baccalaureate and the National Evaluation would most likely be held in July, all of the examinations excluding the second semester curriculum.

April 5

National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania: Class I medical devices (masks, robes, combinations, etc.) are no longer registered in the national database during the state of emergency.

April 3

The flag factory in Sibiu has reprofiled itself and is producing protective equipment. “We make textile masks that can be washed”

March 31

82 deaths in Romania.

March 28

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 594.733. Number of deaths: 27.251.

March 22

The Romanian government announced several preventive measures which included the designation of five hospitals as isolation centers for new cases, purchase and placement of thermal scanners in international airports, and especially designated lines for passengers coming from areas affected by COVID-19 outbreak.

March 12

WHO declares coronavirus a pandemic, urges aggressive action.

March 9

Prime-minister Ludovic Orban announces the closure of all schools between 11 and 22 March. The measure targets all kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools, both public and private, according to Education Minister Monica Anisie. The decision affects 3.5 million students.

March 8

Head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat, announced a ban on all indoor or outdoor activities involving the participation of more than 1.000 people. These restrictions are valid until 31 March, when a new assessment would be made.

February 27

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 82.178. Number of deaths: 2.800.

February 25

The prices of medical masks in Romania have also increased almost 20 times.

February 2

All the airway companies are suspending their scheduled flights or connecting flights to China.

January 31

UN agency declares global emergency over virus from China.

January 28

Number of confirmed cases worldwide: 4.590. Number of deaths: 106.

January 1

BioNTech and Moderna begin the development of their vaccines, based on RNA technology.