About the project

Concrete Nests is a transmedia project about the ways that the pandemic influenced the personal lives of people living in blocks of flats around the world. By gathering all their stories in the storeys of a block building, our team re-created and developed the intimate relationship that used to be built around the idyllic interaction between you and your neighbors.

Due to the recent phenomenon of the global pandemic, we as social creatures were conditioned to regress and create our own concrete fences meant to bring us safety. In our frantic ways of isolating ourselves from the outside world, we end up losing these connections made with the individuals from our proximity.

Whether or not you live in an apartment building, Concrete Nests invites you to knock on one of the neighbors’ digital doors, step into their apartments and explore their way of living, discovering what they’ve encountered during recent times.

About us

We are a group of MA students of the Faculty of Theatre and Film, from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, that gathered forces from two different specializations (Documentary Filmmaking & Digital Interactive Arts) in order to give life to this project that is very dear to us. 


Digital Interactive Arts – DIA 

A professional master program that offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and innovative approach to media arts production. 


Documentary Filmmaking – DFM 

A highly practical, applied program in the production of documentary film for cinema, television or other media platforms. 

Digital interactive arts team

Adelina Laura Bulibașa is teaching for Digital Interactive Arts (DIA) and Documentary Filmmaking master programs the following courses: Transmedia Creative Project, Digital Technologies and Art, Interactive Movies and New Media Documentary. Adelina is a multimedia artist, specialized in digital art, also working in the field of new media arts, directing and producing films, photography and theater. She also manifested an interest in different domains like robotics, human-computer interaction and light-art.

   Adrian Crăciunoiu has a BA in Cinematography and Media, studies Digital Interactive Arts master and now works as an audio-video expert at Babeș-Bolyai University. His past experience includes: video editor for Untold and Neversea music festivals, cameraman and video editor for RallyZoom and documentary filmmaking for Electric Castle. Some of his past interactive installation projects are: eLastic Garden (2018), The Cave (2019), PlayNet[B] (2019), Blue (2019) and Plexus (2020). Some of his past camera and editing work include: Scaip (Alexandru Nagy, 2016), I can’t tell you (Csilla Peter, 2018), you, Margit (Csilla Peter, 2019), Obscur (Ervin Szabo, 2020).

   Maria Scînteianu studied cinematography at the Faculty of Theatre and Film of Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, from which the scriptwriting part attracted her the most. She wrote and directed a short film, “Applauses” (2018), and constantly writes script ideas. Wanting to take things further and being a versatile artist, she is interested in visual narrative and in discovering new forms of storytelling. She is driven by the wish to create visionary art with the help of technology and she’s currently taking master courses in Digital Interactive Arts. She believes that digital art and virtual reality hold a lot of potential in delivering immersive interactive artistic experiences. 

   Rezi Örs Tamás is currently a student in the Digital Interactive Arts program at Babes-Bolyai University. In the past, he worked for one year as a VJ, and earned a bachelor degree in fine arts, painting specialization. 

   Anamaria Geger grew up in a small town called Sighișoara, Romania. She’s a Master’s student, just wrapping up her second year, at the UBB University of Theatre and Film, in the Digital Interactive Arts department. She is currently working as an assistant producer for 4ProofFilm.  

   Druța Adela is currently developing her studies within the Master of Interactive Digital Arts at the Faculty of Theater and Film, Babes-Bolyai University. In the past she followed photography studies and in her spare time she developed a passion for everything related to technology and the motion graphics industry.

   Maier Amanda is a student at the Faculty of Theater and Film, Babeș-Bolyai University, at the department of Digital Interactive Arts. Her license is in photography and she wanted to try something new. She is passionate about new technologies.

   Cosmina Prundurel is currently a student in the Digital Interactive Arts master program at Babeș-Bolyai University. She has a bachelor degree in Cinematography and Media, specializing in video editing and is currently working as a video editor at TVR Cluj. In the past, she edited a number of student films, directed by Oana Prunianu: “Two for religion“, “2“ and “Forced landing“. In 2015, while she was still in highschool, her short documentary, “Zoom In“, was selected at Astra Film Festival.

Documentary filmmaking team

   Antonia Ciuc has acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in Cluj-Napoca. Giving in to her rather fascination for storytelling and using divergent mediums to convey messages, beginning with 2019 she started her master’s program within the Documentary Filmmaking department at The Faculty of Theatre and Film, within the UBB University. Using her both sets of skills polished during the past years she is now creating visual content for companies in Cluj-Napoca. Her past experiences also include being a photographer and doing volunteering work within Transilvania International Film Festival.

   Csilla Peter – Already having a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Directing at the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj Napoca. Obsessed with Documenary films and stories based on true events, fascinated about old souls and their lives seen through the lens of a camera. Currently studying Documentary Filmmaking.Loves capturing the reality that surprises her every day helped by her best friend, the camera.

   Rareș Tabacu – final year masters degree student in documentary film production at Faculty of Film and Theater in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. With a main background in cinematography having graduated the bachelor’s degree in the same domain at the Faculty of Film and Theater in 2019. With a few productions such as The Bed of Procrustes (Împărățel Andrian – 2018; selected at Pardi di Domani official competition at Locarno 2018) and Try Again (Vasile Todincă – 2017; selected at TIFF local competition in 2018) in which he worked as a DP, now he takes a stab at filming the other “side” (non-ficiton) with two projects in development.

   Horațiu Florea – Engineer who is currently pursuing a masters degree in Documentary Filmmaking with an interest in its capacity as an educational tool. Currently, he is a researcher in the fields of Computer Vision and Autonomous Perception at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

   Iasmina Iabloncic has acquired a BA in Cinematography, Photography, Media at the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca in 2016 as she wanted to learn how to make a movie about her own life. Then she went to London in order to pursue a MA in Filmmaking at the University of East London. And now is back to Cluj-Napoca, back to the roots doing her second MA in Documentary Filmmaking inside the Faculty of a Theatre and Film, at the same Babes-Bolyai University. Passionate about cultural differences and human psychology, Iasmina is a born detective with a personality that is perhaps way too curious. Her own reality opened a massive appetite for researches and experiments, reason for which sometimes she is going way too far in understanding a character or a situation that she wants to write about.

   Oana Petrea was born on October 17th, 1997 in Cluj Napoca, Romania. She was a student at Faculty of Theater and Film, at image specialization. Oana is a romanian film maker and in the future she want to make documentary films about Transylvania. She want to make a series of documentaries about different tipes of lifestyle in Romania. Also she wants to make a travel vlog.